Become an Obubu Tea Ambassador

The next open start date is from the 3rd July 2015.  

Kyoto Obubu Tea Farms is an agricultural social enterprise. We want to use our tea to contribute to society and spread our passion for tea around the world. We are looking for passionate individuals who love tea and wish to improve their knowledge and understanding of Japanese tea and culture. Our programme offers a unique opportunity to connect with people from all over the world, to gain intercultural experiences and build meaningful relationships.


During your time at Obubu you can expect to learn about brewing, preparation and basic tea chemistry. Obubu offers a unique experience, which allows you to follow the process of traditional tea production from leaf to cup. You will have the opportunity to interact with our Japanese employees, farmers and local community members. You will experience Japanese culture firsthand through events, social interaction, and daily living.

We offer an internship with a twist. You will be primarily in the Obubu office maintaining international relations and the English website. You are expected to contribute your own skills through individual and group tasks and projects that will be largely self-motivated. However, within your schedule there will be regular contact with Obubu staff members, which will offer guidance and access to relevant resources.

Obubu ambassadors will be expected to be involved in the following*:

  • Tea tours
  • Community Events
  • Managing the international website
  • Social media and publicity
  • Programme management
  • Hospitality for clients and guests
  • Household maintenance
  • Tea farming

* Please be aware that media crews may be on site to film and photograph certain events and within the Obubu office for publicity purposes. If there are any concerns, please let us know and we will try to accommodate these requests.

Individuals in the past have contributed through:

  • Design and photography
  • Blogging
  • Translation
  • Web design and management
  • Community Outreach
  • Event Management
  • Tea farming

We’re looking for individuals who are prepared to immerse themselves within a different culture, with cultural awareness and an open mind. Fluency in English is a requirement and conversational Japanese would be preferred. You must have patience when faced with language barriers as well as living in a peaceful, farming town.

Programme Duration and Application Deadline

We welcome participants to join the program for a period of 3 months. For most countries, foreigners are allowed to stay in Japan on a ‘Temporary Visitor’s Visa’ for up to 90 days without any additional applications or paperwork.  Please refer to the Japanese consulate at your residence for more information.

Programme Start Date Programme End Date Application Deadline Notice of the Application Result
3rd Jul 2015 29th Sep 2015 31st Mar 2015 30th Apr 2015
14th Aug 2015 10th Nov 2015
2nd Oct 2015 29th Dec 2015 30th Jun 2015 31st Jul 2015
13th Nov 2015 09th Feb 2016
1st Jan 2016 29th Mar 2016 30th Sep 2015 31st Oct 2015
12th Feb 2016 10th May 2016

Successful applicants will be invited for a skype interview after the application deadline.

Travel Insurance

It is a requirement to have travel insurance upon arrival. We advise you to look into options independently, to find the level of insurance that suits you. You must be covered for the duration of your stay.


Obubu’s office is located in a two-storey house, which also serves as accommodation for programme participants. The main floor is dedicated to the office, common space and kitchen; the bedrooms are situated on the second floor. Tatami mats with futon mattresses, bedding and linen are provided in each bedroom. You will either be living in a single or double room and must be prepared to share with another Obubu ambassador. The house has two toilets and a bathroom to be shared with all residents.


  • Rent will be 18,000JPY per month, to be paid on the 1st of every month via Paypal
  • The 1st month rent must be paid as a deposit 2 months before arrival
  • There are two small grocery stores in the town, a short walk away. Food can range from 3000JPY – 7000JPY per week depending on your diet
  • Travel to and from Nara, Osaka, and Kyoto (the Kansai Region) will range from about 2000JPY – 3500JPY

If you  are interested in joining us, please click here to fill the application form.